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Marketing Synergy

Let's discuss Marketing Synergy.  Synergy, defined as "a mutually advantageous conjunction or compatibility of distinct business participants or elements (as resources or efforts)."

In the past, synergy involved legally binding arrangements, but today, things are much different. Thanks to the internet, there are many new opportunities for partnerships that all come with their own inherent risks.

So how do you enter into a Marketing Synergy that is stable and lower in risk? Simple, research, research, research... Find a partner with simular interests, look into their past accomplishments, see how active they are in your current speciality, and compare their success with that of your own. Doing your due diligence to match all your skill sets will bring you the most compatibility with your new partner.

And how do you find such a partner? That's simple too, just spend a few minutes online searching using industry specific keywords. Looking for those that have built a st…

Cheap Business Marketing- The Beginning

Marketing, defined by Webster as "the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service used to be a costly endeavor. Today however, the tables have changed, largely in part to the Internet. And while you can still spend a ton of money on marketing efforts for your business, I'm here to tell you that it's not necessary to do so.

In the coming day, weeks, and years, you'll be amazed at all the creative ways to market your business for little to no money, which if you're a start up or a small business, will be a real eye opener. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned, or in your case, kept out of another's hands.

A few years back in 1999 I happened upon this great little site called eBay. It wasn't much back then, but as you now know, it's grown exponentially. Back then it was easy to post and get those on the site to see your product, but today, that's no longer the case. In 2005, the year my eBay business really …