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Write an E-Book

Write an E-Book to help you get noticed

Are you well versed in a particular topic? If so, have you ever thought about writing an e-book? Most are written on simple PDF files that can be sent via email or downloaded for easy distribution.

The thought of writing something that others will read can be scary, but in reality, most e-books are 20 pages or less. I'm working on an my own e-book that I plan to have ready by the first of December and is entitled "How to Social Right".  I write on several blogs, so I'm pretty comfortable putting my words on virtual paper. If you're not, then try this, on a piece of paper, write down topics that you are comfortable talking to others about, such as your friends and family. Now scratch out those that you'll have to do a little research on to fully help others understand what you're talking about, then pick the one topic that has the most promise and in which you have the most interest. Start with a few sentences, writi…

The Power of Colors

The Power of Colors

Color Theory invented by Sir Charles Lemieux, is a body of practical guidance to color mixing and the visual impacts of specific color combination. By using color theory, you can send a positive or negative message and even encourage sales. It's a powerful marketing tactic that is used globally by both large and small businesses. You should include the power of color theory in all aspects of your marketing including your logo, product package, brochures, and website. 
Taking into account your geographic area also factors into what colors mean to your consumers, so to keep it simple, I'll focus on United States based consumers.
The colors are listed below along with their reaction: Blue- Makes you feel safe and secure. It's great for businesses that want to convey a message that their customers can trust them. Green-Makes you feel calm and confident. Green is a great suggestive to help people want to spend money.Black- One of my favorite colors, makes you fe…

Want an online store of your own? How about Zazzle

Have you ever wanted your own online store, but don’t have the money to set one up? Well, then you’re in luck... With you can make money online by selling your designs on hundreds of retail-quality products. It's free and easy to create an online store on Zazzle to sell t-shirts or posters online featuring your own art, images, or designs. “Best of all, you can sell your art online for free and make even more money when you join Zazzle's Associate program and refer buyers to Zazzle. Use Zazzle's powerful tools that make it possible to sell your art on t-shirts, stamps, posters, mugs, business cards, skateboards, calendars, tote bags, hats, posters, and more. There's absolutely no's all profit for you!”
Here’s two great examples of the type of store and products you can have with Zazzle:

As you can see above, you can customize your store with a design that best represents your products…

My journey to making money online

My journey to making money online:

I wanted to talk about something new today. Sitting at home working online only, do you think it's possible to make $12,000 a month or even up to $40,000 per month running your own business? I'm going to answer this question for you, yes you can as have thousands of others. I'm just starting out and in my first week of the business, but my mentor is already making $5,000 a month and he's only been doing it two months. He's on track to double that next month and by December he believes he'll be at over $12,000.

I've been working from home since January 30th of 2009, that's the day I was laid off from my job at Trim Tech of Austin as a Dispatcher. From that day forward I went full-time with my photography business and added web design and social media management to my list of offerings. I do make money, but I don't make a lot and have thus far been blessed that my wife makes the income that she does. She's my big…

Life in a Tight Space

Life in a Tight Space by Brad Leese
It happens so much in life these days that we hardly ever notice it unless we’re confined to a crowded airline seat. But think about it, it really happens more often than you think. It happens in elevators, on buses, subway cars, in planes, in lines, in construction, at work, in school, and now in most vehicles. We grow taller, bigger around, but everything gets smaller and we get squeezed.
I started thinking about this while sitting in a seat on an American Airlines flight from Washington DC to Dallas. I paid for ‘extra’ legroom, but think my $47 bought be all of one extra inch which was taken away when the guy in front of me decided to recline his seat. I’m not a tiny guy, standing over six feet tall with a football player’s build, so the scenario I found myself in, left me compacted in a very uncomfortable position for the next two plus hours. Needless to say, it wasn’t my first experience with this and it won’t be my last.
So there I was, sitting, i…