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My journey to making money online

My journey to making money online:

I wanted to talk about something new today. Sitting at home working online only, do you think it's possible to make $12,000 a month or even up to $40,000 per month running your own business? I'm going to answer this question for you, yes you can as have thousands of others. I'm just starting out and in my first week of the business, but my mentor is already making $5,000 a month and he's only been doing it two months. He's on track to double that next month and by December he believes he'll be at over $12,000.

I've been working from home since January 30th of 2009, that's the day I was laid off from my job at Trim Tech of Austin as a Dispatcher. From that day forward I went full-time with my photography business and added web design and social media management to my list of offerings. I do make money, but I don't make a lot and have thus far been blessed that my wife makes the income that she does. She's my biggest cheerleader and helps me with everyday business stuff like returning phone calls to interested customers. But with the little I make plus the amount she brings in just covers the bills and leaves us with very little money to save, travel with or be able to buy things we want.

So do the numbers above seem too crazy to be real? Well how about this, back before we knew the world was round, pretty much everyone believed it was flat and anyone stating otherwise was crazy, but they were proved wrong. Now anyone that thinks the world is flat is crazy. Then you might ask, "what kind of Internet scheme is this?" and I'd answer, "it's not a scheme, but a viable business." In fact it's a business that will cost you less than $50 to run. That amount covers an optimized blog and a credit card processing account. Then you might ask "ok, what do I have to do to make that kind of money?", and I'd say "the biggest part of this business is to just blog daily about anything you want, really anything at all. Then while you continue your blogging, you market and advertise your new business to increase the easy sell of your products." What products? Well, there are four total, but I strictly focus on the first one which happens to be the cheapest at only $25 per month. It's an optimized blog from Word Press that includes hosting and is already filled with the right keywords to make your blogging successful.

This program pays you 100% commissions!

With just the $25 per month product and the $19.99 per month credit card processing account through e-wallet and required to take in payments for you, you're only out $45.99 per month. So far I've made  $75 which doesn't sound like a bunch, but hey, it is my first week, actually only 4 days thus far and I've already paid for the $45.99 per month fee I had to pay, so from here on out everything will go in my pocket.

I have zero experience doing this sort of thing, yes I've written blogs before, but I've never monetized anything that made more than the $12.53 I received from a whole year's worth of posting Google AdWords to my website. Learning that without guidance, it's almost impossible to make any real money on the web, I turned to this and believe I'll be pulling in several thousand a month in a matter of weeks.

Have I peaked your interests at all? If so and you'd like to learn more, please follow the link below and fill in your email address in the provided area then click "Get Instant Access". Next you'll go to my page to watch a 30 minute movie that covers information about this program that will literally change your life forever.

Follow this link for more information: I Want to Make Money Too!

You can also check out my other blog: Austin Media Slingers Blog
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