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Get the word out...for free!

Tired of always having to pay to get the word out about your business? Well here's two ways I've found that will help you tell the world without paying a dime, in fact you might even make a little money on the side with one or both of these methods. And by the way, both of these platforms are free to join.

First off, we will talk about Bubblews. Per their website, they describe themselves as: "The Bubblews community is a patent pending system that enables our users to enjoy our community (without a cost) and share in the ad revenue growth. In fact our revenue model is simple: We split the ad revenue we make off each post with the author 50/50. You will get paid for every view, comment, like/dislike and social media share that your posts gather. Write Your World. Speak Freely. Join the movement. The time of not sharing revenue with the very people who create your content is OVER! Bubblews."

I use Bubblews to talk about stuff that is of interest to me. My posts are meant to help others find answers or learn something new. Many use Bubblews to talk about personal topics such as their everyday life, but many also use the community to post about business, art, entertainment, food, fashion, etc. What about posting info about your new product, service or event? Whatever you decide to post, you have the potential to earn real money. How much you earn is based up on a few factors like home many readers like, comment or share your post.

Another way to get the word out for free is another awesome online community called 'Empire Avenue'. EA's mission is "To build a global marketplace where any individual can realize the value of their reputation and networks." Once a member, you can earn faux money called "eaves" that you can use to run missions and that other members can complete for the eaves you're offering. These missions can be anything from getting a group to retweet a particular twitter post to commenting on your YouTube video. The coolest thing about EA is that members are from all over the world and you can limit your missions to the country you're trying to target with your message. I usually let anyone from anywhere complete my missions to get the most exposure possible. 

Empire Avenue is a great way to network as well; I've met (via online conversations only), lots of interesting people is all sort of businesses. And besides missions and networking, you can post "whatever" on your status, which is another great way to direct an educated response to your business message or post. 

Hopefully using one of these two methods you'll be able to tell the world what you have to say, but if you still need a little help, look us up: And while letting us help you won't be free, it will be very effective.

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