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Blog placement?

So maybe you have a blog, but is your product or service listed on other blogs?

Have a product or service that is geared towards families? Why not look for blogs like "Born 2 Impress" to advertise and showcase your business. brings you family friendly reviews and giveaways of the best products in the market for all family members. It's a place to share opinions, interests and a great way to find out about the best mom and children products out there. 

Most of these blogs offer ad placement for free or a minimal cost. And if you offer a them a special discount or a giveaway, they'll likely write a blog entry about you that pushes traffic to you and helps them too. 

On a website I started and currently run, I offer direct links to educational discounts geared towards photography and film college level students and educators. Photo Student Discounts is free to use and is updated monthly to keep everything current. About twice a year I send out a request to the companies listed on the site for a product or service I can giveaway. Then when I have one or two products/services, I place the giveaway(s) info on the home page, on all related social media platforms and within the Photo Student Discounts blog. The company giving the product or service away gets lots of exposure through various forms of media all at a very low cost to them. I don't charge the vendors that appear on the website, so asking for a giveaway or two from just a couple of them per year isn't seen as a negative. In fact, the site sees about 80,000 visitors per year from all over the world and per emails from several of the companies listed, they've seen a good amount of buying traffic from my site. 

How about co-placement? Offering a post about their blog on yours and vise-versa. This gives each of you an incentive and gives your readers an expanded knowledge base. It's a win-win situation and could lead to a long-lasting blog collaboration.

How to Start: Find a blog or group of blogs that focus on your product or service category. Write the owner, ask about advertising, co-placement or giving them something to giveaway to their readers in exchange for a blog post about your company. Then act on whatever you agree to do and enjoy the new traffic and customers. Yes, it really is that easy.

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