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Energy Motivation

Here's a little marketing motivation through a giant in the energy industry.

Leavell Energy Services (LES) is a Texas based LLC that provides Lease management and restoration services. They locate, acquire, and restore established oil and gas leases in the Texas Panhandle. Their history in lease acquisition, drilling, equipment manufacturing and sales spans over 50 years which gives Leavell Energy Services a big advantage. LES's experienced and disciplined approach makes lease ownership profitable. And they pride themselves in being there after the purchase to assure your lease assets are well managed and secure. 

Sometimes going after something that has already been discovered works too and most likely is often over-looked when thinking of new ways to stand apart from your competition. Here Leavell Energy Services has made their mark in the energy industry with a tried and true method of locating, acquiring, and restoring established oil and gas leases. And with Texas being such a large state, trust me, there is plenty of competition out there.

So how can you step away from your competition if your industry is already filled to the brim with competitors? The old saying "think outside the box" is the first thing that comes to mind. It's taking what you do a step further and twist it a bit to create something entirely new. Those that are successful at achieving this are the ones coming out on top leaving all others behind.

Maybe just being there for your client after the work is complete sets you apart or offering a better pricing structure might do it too. Whatever you decide, step it up by doing a little brainstorming and using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to interact with your followers and their friends with what they'd like to see or already enjoy with businesses like yours.

To find out more about Leavell Energy Services, check out their website here:

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