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5 Super Simple Small Business Marketing Ideas!

Working on a small budget? That's cool, me too! Here's 5 super simple marketing ideas for your small business that are sure to help and won't cost you much.

1. Use Reddit, a bare-bones social network known as the “front page of the internet,” and a very powerful tool to help get your message out there and your business noticed. Reddit's audience is very tech-savvy and responds well to good, quality posts with catchy titles. The best thing about Reddit is that it is free to use, so it fits everyone's budget! Check out this great guide from Reddit on how to promote your business through their social platform.

2. Linkedin, a great tool for networking, job hunting, to promote your content, and share ideas. I use the free version and have gained many good contacts over the years using this platform. I post about business and marketing topics along with news about my business including links, images and when possible, videos. Work on growing your connections and completely fill out your profile to get the most "eyes" on your shared content and business. I currently get about 10% of my business referrals from Linkedin. Check out this free "Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to LinkedIn" for a little more help.

3. Publish great content on all your social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, users are all hungry for your content, so post and share it! Just writing about your day is fine, but to get noticed, you'll need to include rich posts about your business, articles you recommend others read (include the link), pics and videos from you and/or your staff. Anything funny or even your favorite quote does well and usually results in RT's (Retweets) and Likes. And a weekly Friday (#FF) shoutout on say Twitter, can really boost your message and follower count! If you can't think of anything to post, then ask your staff, spouse, friends or find something interesting online. And be sure to publish often, not every minute, but at least a few times throughout the day. I use HootSuite to help manage my posts. I can sit down, and in one day, can schedule posts to go out on all my platforms on various days and times. To me it's easier when I'm "in the moment" of thinking of stuff to say rather than on the spot with writer's block. Don't make it all about you, share stuff you'd want to read and learn about, it'll help bring in new folks that you can later tell about your business or product.

4. Boost your posts on Facebook! I know it cost a little, but you can actually make $1 go along way if you set-up a good target market for your boost. Click here for instructions. A dollar over a day can get hundreds, if not thousands of people to see your post and if you include a link, many will click on it too! Boosting a post is a great way to get traffic to your website, new leads for your business and positive activity on your Facebook page that includes Likes, Shares, and even new followers. Plus, be sure to check out your Facebook Insights after the boost has finished, to see where all everyone that read your post are located. It will help you learn where to focus your next boost, ad and/or marketing efforts!

5. Create an instructional video and post it on YouTube and Vimeo. Video content is extremely valuable, and while it can cost big bucks to shoot a professional video, I find using a good smart phone or tablet works just fine. Check out this video tutorial on Wistia on how to shoot expert-looking footage on your iPhone. If you don't feel comfortable being in front of the camera, then either create a slideshow or hire someone on Fiverr to create a good, cheap video for you. Be sure to share your new video on your social sites and on your website too!

Need more ideas? Be sure to subscribe to my blog (Cheap Business Marketing For All) for more help from future or past posts. And if you need social media help, go to and fill out an inquiry about services. Be sure to mention  with your inquiry that you found 'Austin Media Slingers' on the 'Cheap Business Marketing For All' blog and you'll save 10% off any service!

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